In order to understand the story of Embutidos Munar, we need to go back some 70 years ago, during the difficult times of the Spanish postwar period. Our founder, Don Jaime Munar Prohens, was an enterpreneur who wanted to start up one of the first cold meat industries in Felanitx (Majorca). However, at that time, the establishment of such companies was not allowed, so he decided to buy an factory in Cangas de Onís (Oviedo, Spain) and then carry on with all the bureocracy needed to simulate that the former owner had moved his company to Felanitx.

Once the industry was installed in Majorcan land, the owner's name was oficially changed and the company was registered by the former Dirección Nacional de Sanidad Española with nº 758, and under the name of D. Jaime Munar Prohens. According to the activity register at Felanitx's Town Council, on the 27th of November 1944 all the official paperwork was settled and Don Munar got the municipal permission to perform his business at Calderó Street, corner with Soledat Street in Felanitx. Embutidos Munar was located at this address until the end of 1995, when it moved to Porreres, a town 12 kilometres from Felanitx.

The reason to move the factory was their interest in building a new headquarters that complied with all the European Union modern regulations. But the municipality of Felanitx lacked industrial land and, therefore, the Town Council could not provide any satisfactory solutions, so action was taken in order to start the construction of the new factory in Porreres. Embutidos Munar is still functioning there with the same formulas and spirits as in their beginnings.

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