How to keep our sobrassades

Majorcan sobrassada is a raw cured sausage, so it needs to be in the open air to continue its natural curing process. Therfore, after buying a sausage, the best way to preserve it is by hanging the unwrapped sobrassada from its thread.

The sobrassada's organoleptic properties vary as months go by, because the product is alive, but that is why you can choose the exact additional curing for your own sobrassada, to suit your own taste.

Environmental factors that affect this process the most are temperature and humidity. As far as Munar's sobrassades are concerned, we advise you to keep a temperature between 6 and 18ºC, and a humidity between 70 and 80%. Whenever possible and if it is not too hot, we suggest you keep the sobrassada outside the fridge and in open dimlit spaces where the sunlight does not directly get through.

How to eat our sobrassades

The traditional way of eating Majorcan sobrassada is as a spread on a loaf of Majorcan bread. But when dealing with the smallest sausages, such as Llonganissa, we usually grill them.

Apart from the traditional ways to eat it, sobrassada acquires surprising tastes when combined with sweet flavours. The best-known combination is sobrassada with honey or very cured sobrassada with sugar on top. Also, eating sobrassada with figgs, grapes or cherries (or siding it with quince jelly) is obliged for those who seek to savour the Mediterranean true expierence.

Finally, the most thrilling possibilities of sobrassada are discovered when using it simply as an extra ingredient of your most common recipes, such as soups, rice dishes, meat, fish and desserts.


How to keep our pâtés

In order to well-preserve our pâté and avoid liver oxidation (because of their lack of antioxidants), we recommend you keep the can upside down on a plate in the fridge, once it has been opened. Thus, you will also prevent the pâté from drying up excessively.

How to eat our pâtés

We want you to percieve all their shades of flavour, so we advise you to spread them on toastbread or galletes marineres (sailor salt biscuits), typical from the island. Although, undoubtedly, they are best of all spreaded on Majorcan traditional bread.

Munar's Artisan Pâté can also be accompanied with raisin toastbread, which achieves a sweet contrast and makes a unique experience out of it.

Some suggestions

We recommend you eat our pâté at room temperature to feel every hint of flavour; however, during summer, it will be more pleasant to your palate if it has been refrigerated for a while.

In order to achieve the most adequate texture for you spread and completely mix all flavours, Munar's Artisan Pâté should be removed from the can and homogenized with a spatula, previous to your meal. Thus, you will get a smooth mixture, perfect to be spread on hot toastbread.

Finally, since our pâtés respect the flavour of each of their own ingredients, they are also fantastic as a booster to your common kitchen recepies.

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